Riding Lessons in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation

Training Packages for Horse Owners

Type of Training PackageCost
5 Contacts/Week$600/Month
4 Contacts/Week$560/Month
3 Contacts/Week$480/Month
2 Contacts/Week$360/Month
1 Contact/Week$200/Month

A contact can be used as either a schooling ride from your trainer or a lesson on your horse.  We like to tailor training packages to fit each horse/rider combination.  Prior to setting up a package, it is important to talk Elizabeth about your goals for you and your horse.

Tall Horse Riding Club

Lessons Prices and Packages                  

New Client Assessment50
Single Private Lesson50
Package of 4 Private Lessons200
Package of 8 Private Lessons (2/Week)380
Single Group Lesson40
Package of 4 Group Lessons160
Package of 8 Group Lessons (2/Week)310
Package of 1 Group and 1 Private/Week380
Prorated lessons for regular clients.40-50

*Please note,  a $15 school horse fee per lesson is applied for riders that do not own or lease a horse.

Private lessons are 45 minutes and group lessons are one hour in length.

Assessments are offered to clients riding with Tall Horse for the first time and are 45 minutes in length.  During an assessment, your trainer will discuss your experience, goals, and give direction during the lesson to figure out a game plan to help you reach your goals.

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required,  otherwise your lesson is forfeited, unless cancellation is due to extreme illness or emergency.