Riding Lessons in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation

Elizabeth Rabb

Elizabeth is a Colorado native and has been involved in the horse world for 24 years.  She has competed successfully in hunters, jumpers, and equitation, at rated shows, throughout the country, and has been teaching riding lessons for over ten years. 

Elizabeth specializes primarily in jumpers and equitation, and believes good riding comes from consistency, commitment, and hard work.  Flat work is a huge emphasis with clients interested in jumping.

Contact us to schedule a lesson, or to take a tour and meet the horses. We look forward to hearing from you!

Horseback Riding Lessons and Training 


Tall Horse Riding Club strives to not only improve riding abilities, but horsemanship is a huge focus as well.  The relationship between horse and rider is emphasized,  and we want to help our clients to better understand the horses they are riding, and to further develop and nurture this relationship.  

‚ÄčThere is so much to be learned from horses.   They reflect the riders on their backs,  and every horse has something to teach us.  Horses are incredible creatures. 

Who We Are

Tall Horse Riding Club is owned by Elizabeth Fletcher Rabb,  and operated out of Coventry Farms in Littleton, and Conifer Stables in Evergreen. 

Tall Horse offers both group and private lesson packages, as well as training packages for those that own their own horses.  We have a fantastic selection of talented school horses, as well as horses available for lease, through Coventry Farms,  that are competitive at rated shows.