Riding Lessons in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation

 Little Town IEA Team

Welcome to Little Town IEA Team! Little Town IEA Team is a combination of Tall Horse Riding Club and Coventry Farms.  IEA is a great way to attend affordable horse shows and prepare to ride in college.  It is also a great way to be part of a team and learn how to become a better rider.  It is open to riders entering grades 4-12.  IEA is based on Hunt Seat Equitation, judged solely on the rider, and not the horse.

 Little Town IEA has had a very successful 2020 season, with many individual riders qualified for Regionals, and Zones,  as well as both our Middle School And Upper School Teams!  

Please visit the website  www.ridieiea.org.  for more information on IEA

How IEA works
IEA is based on the college riding association, IHSA, and is quite similar to NCAA equestrian sports.   The day of the show riders will be allowed to watch the horses warm up. We will draw a horse’s name, and that is the horse that rider will show.  Each competitor gets one lap to school and two jumps before they enter the ring to compete over fences.  There are no warmups for riders showing on the flat.   

Fees  (All fees include coaching, entries at five shows, and one IEA practice per week)
$1415    Clients that own or lease competing in 1 class per show 
​$1680    Clients that own or lease competing in 2 classes per show
$1815    Clients that do not own or lease competing in 1 class per show
​$2080    Clients that do not own or lease competing in 2 classes per show

Prices above indicate entries and coaching for five regular season IEA shows.  Regional, Zones, and Nationals entries are not included as it is not guaranteed each rider will qualify for Regionals, Zones, or Nationals.  

**Little Town, as with the rest of the IEA teams in Zone 8,  is responsible for hauling horses to IEA shows throughout the season.   The fee for hauling horses is split amongst the team, and will be communicated to every member of the team one week prior to the show.   Please assume that we will be hauling to each IEA show, as it supports our local IEA, an makes it possible for show hosts to accommodate all riders in our Zone.

Horse Shows
Horse show entry fees are on average $35-50/class.  Riders can compete in a maximum of 2 classes per day.  The coaching fee is $50 per day for riders competing in one class, and $75 per day for riders competing both on the flat, and over fences.  Riders are required to attend all IEA horse shows unless approved by a coach to be absent.  The regular season shows are held locally, within 30 miles of Coventry.  Riders are expected to find transportation to the show (carpooling encouraged), and are expected to stay until the last team member has competed.   Riders are also expected to have equitation show attire.  Please talk to the coaches before purchasing anything new.