Riding Lessons in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation

Leasing at Tall Horse 

Horses are available to be leased from Coventry Farms through Tall Horse Riding Club. There are two different options for leases and below is a description of each. Also listed below is a breakdown of the estimated costs. Each horse is different so the cost could vary, i.e. some horses may need their teeth done every six months, some horses go barefoot and don’t need shoes, some horses don’t require joint supplements...

We ask that horses are leased for a minimum of 6 months. If the lease on that particular horse is not working out, we will do our best to match the rider with a better suited horse in the barn.  

Leases do not include lessons, but you are required to be in lessons in order to lease.

Leasing is a fantastic option for those that aren’t ready to commit to buying a horse, or who aren’t able to buy a horse. With one of our leases, you have a lot of freedom with the horse you are leasing and the rider will feel a sense of ownership for that horse.

Full LEase                                           $1150/month
Half Lease                                           $650/Month
Shoes                                                   $60-$240/6-8 weeks (depending on the horse)
Annual Teeth Floating                       $125
Bi-Annual Vaccinations                      $45
Joint Supplements                              $35/month
Worming                                               $15/2-3 months

Full Lease 

A full lease means the client is responsible for all of the costs listed above. The client will have full use of that horse and can ride 6 days a week, (1 day off for the horse).  The client is required to be in 8 lessons a month. Some benefits to a full lease are you will be the only one riding that horse, and you will not have to share that horse with other clients.  This is a great step for clients that are thinking about owning their own horse in the future.  

Half Lease

In a half lease the client is responsible the costs listed above. A half lease means that the client is able to lesson and hack up to four days a week. The client is required to take 8 lessons a month with a half lease.  If someone else is leasing the other half of your horse, scheduling of lessons will be worked out by Tall Horse, the hack times will need to be worked out between the two clients that are leasing. The two parties responsible will need to make sure that the horse has one designated day off per week.